Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bnak holiday

Well our first bank holiday on the water. I am not sure that it was the weather or state of the ecconomy but it was very quiet so we had no problems with the moorings.
Elliot was collected on friday night but he will rejoin the cruise on tues can't get rid of him. Sat we stayed in Leigh because we had Andy and Sue to dinner on of those impromtue parties that turned into a "reet good do". today being sunday we had a lie in and only travled a vew miles to Plank lane swing bridge were we met Matthew and Lorraine with Thomas of course, We also had a suprise guest in the form of John Bamber great to see him again, we then had a short sail upto the flashes, wonderful bird life and great veiws were the canal is raised above the low lying land.
We have a big day tomorrow hope to make the other side of Wigan we will see.


maryanne said...

looking great mum, hope you make wigan x

Keith said...

nice to see you on the move, hope you reach the other side of wigan as planned

mathew hodgkinson said...

it was good to see you
please be somewhere where thier are some fish next week
mum good photo
take care xx