Thursday, 25 May 2017

Time Out

Hi All

Our quick visit to Leeds was as usual great we found our usual mooring occupied but the one next to was empty so we were fine as we only had a couple of days we Did the City, the Market and the the food halls. In Leeds Trinity shopping centre there is a food hall that is many kitchens selling every type of food there is from all over the globe I can get Vietnamese Noreen can have Moroccan and we both eat at the same table, fabulous place. the market is still an eye opener as there again is every type of food and ingredients available. well worth a visit if you are passing though, I also find in Leeds you cannot get lost the station and the canal moorings are in the same place if you are walking up hill you are going aay from it walking down hill well that's towards it, Simple

Buggerlugs and her crew are having some time out, we have found a very quiet mooing at Lemonroyd  a few miles outside Castleford, No shops, No Pubs, No people Yet, however the few people that are here are Boaters and the boats are very widely spaced however this is the bank holiday weekend so anything could happen again that's a good reason for staying still, out on the water this weekend will be chaos there will be little plastic chickens (fibre glass Cruisers) all over the place all thinking that they are pirates so its best to lie low, And what glorious weather we have to do it in today and yesterday have been scorchers today we temps of 26/30 with no breeze it was to hot for fishing, even painting was a struggle as the paint was setting as I put it on its really HOT.
We have also been trying to digest the horrors of the Manchester murders, as I am from Manchester and Noreen Salford we have many family and friends there. on the Night and morning after Noreen spent hours on the phone checking everyone was OK and thanks to God they are. I am not going to rant about it what would be the use we all know the horror of it all we all have our points of view lets just pray that all those that were directly involved will recover.

I expect we will leave here Tuesday morning as I need to call at Castleford Boatyard I have ask Shane to mix me up some "Buggerlugs Green" as I have some touching up to do. We will do our final shop in Castleford before we push on down the river Trent to Lincoln  always stock up before you go on the river shops are few and far between

Noreen on the Helm River Aire & Calder

Its great to have so much water around you
You can feel the freedom,
Again the Aire and Calder

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