Friday, 2 June 2017


Hi everyone

Buggerlugs has developed a few problems, one of the three alternator's has decided that it has had enough and wont work it just happens to be the domestic one and fortunately it was purchase here in Castleford less that 12 months ago so we are getting that sorted under warranty it maybe due to the fact that the batteries have neared their end of life and they are not holding the charge overnight  So once I have refitted the Alternator (hopefully today when I get it back) we are heading off to Thorne where I have secured a birth for a couple of days and where I will get my NEW batteries fitted
The unfortunate thing is that it has all come to a head in Castleford where the world stands still, they have only just discovered the WW2 has ended, post is delivered by Donkey cart, and in general life is very slow, that to most people sounds Idyllic however when you are waiting three days for a spare to be delivered to complete a repair it becomes very frustrating (The alternator took 1 hour to test discover what was wrong and order the part then it has taken so far three days to have it delivered)
IF it arrives today it will take 45mins to fit the part I can then pick it up and get underway to Thorn there I will fit it back in place. as the engine will without it and do batteries at the same time.
I do hope that I havnt bored the pants of those who havnt a clue what I am talking about, at times I wonder if I do??
Whilst moored up here in Castleford its quite convenient as the shops are within walking distance and its quiet so all in all its comfortable  except we have had to watch our power usage though the Solar panels are good and with all this sunshine they are proving invaluable.

Jubilee Bridge Castleford

Biggest Building in Castleford, still working though grain now comes by road

The Weir Don't worry we use the lock on the navigation cutting

Cheers everyone
Comments welcome we feel like Missionaries out here in Yorkshire


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