Monday, 5 October 2015

Good Morning

05.30 on the gold coast nobody up yet just me the the ripple of the incoming tide, paracetes giving a morning cherp. Very little to tell you but a compulsion to write.
I must say just how much I like writing these blogs most people say that I just love talking, maybe that's the case But I think its more than that. I love "Correspondence" I am not one of these traditionalists that say that modern technology is killing the art of corresponding if that was the case we wouldn't have this Blog, though it does not have the expectation of that long awaited letter falling on the mat now its just junk mail falling on the mat. I believe it was the Victorians that started our great love of correspondence when you could send a letter inviting a fried to lunch recieve a reply and meet at noon for that luncheon date. rewarding those old letters they were so eliquent in their composition and style But even further back in time the letters of Pluto, Aristotle,  Confucius, and not forgetting those wonderful writers of letters and Gospels St Peter, Mark, Luke and John.
Letter writing is part of our heritage, pre the google days I remember when leaving on my first posting abroad my dad saying " son write as often as you can you will get the benefit" and he was so right it was not the fact that if you sent one you would hopefully get one in return it was the physical act of actually composing your thoughts in your head and writing them down on paper even the act of addressing the envelope and posting it was all part of the connection with whom you were writing. I did most of my courtship (what a strange word now) by mail as I spent long periods of time away before we got married Noreen still has some of them????  I wonder if any of the emails sent from Afghanistan have been saved. When I was in the Gulf we had mail call once a week and you prayed that the RAF had brought you something even a bill would do. again I trasgress
In this modern world of high technology I tend to think we do not share our Thoughts, Ideals, Hopes and dreams as we once did. We guard them as not to show any outward sign of weakness or not really being understood, afraid of being classed as soft, racist, bigot or just liar
As you have guessed I do enjoy writing and think of this blog as me writing a letter to my friends not as an information sheet to what we are up to I think its great that if you are interested you can read it if not you can delete as the composer I never know ( however by the lack of comments I sometimes wonder)
One of my favourite radio programs was Alister Cooks letters from America not because I was interested in America it was the way he made the topics so personal to him and he was not only a great writer but a wonderful orator. only if I had his skills.
Maybe I should call this blog "Letters from Buggerlugs" Maybe this has not done anything for you but it has made me feel better about the world
For those that have thanks for listening.

God Bless


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