Monday, 28 September 2015

One Month here already

It only seems like yesterday when we arrived here in Aus. touch wood everything has gone great, We are lucky to have the use of Mary's car and the fact that we know the area, not well but enough to know where we are going and how to get back everything else is just pot luck. As from next Wed we are on the Pacific Cruise which I must admit I am looking forward to as this will be a first as I have never been in the pacific before. I know we are visiting Papau New Guinea but other than that I just hope to be suprised, I have eaten very well since arriving and thrown the diet out of the window so, I am on a crash diet this week so I can pig out on all the cruiser food Well! why not the food is supose to be one of the high lights and it would be rude not to???
Saturday we went to the  "Opera in the Park" Our Nephew Mark sugested it as he had something to do with the organising, Just like our proms in the park we all turn up with chairs and blankets food and drink, I am still not sure who the main acts were but everyone there seem to know them?? They had the Gold coast junior Orchestra, Junior dancers abd Junior Choir all in all a great night and finnished off with dinner in the Casino great stuff, Sunday after mass we took of again to go to one of our favourite places which is Byron Bay however that is the second time we have tried to get there and failed both times, this time it was just volume of trafic, to get there meant crossing the state border into New South Wales, but what I did not know that weekend is the last week of Queensland holidays and the first week of the NSW HOLIDAY and the roads were manic. But Noreen remembered that just over the border there is a place called Fingal Head, First sighted by Capt Cook in 1770 and us on Sunday, Fingal Island is just off Fingal head, it has a lighthouse and until 1970 had its own lighthoue keeper, it is also void of traffic which was a blessing. The structure of the headland is the same as Giants Causway in Northern Island we had a great day even though it was not were we set out for. You have to stay flexible

Fingal Lighthous

Fingal Head

Guess who buggered up the camera timer 

After the thunder Storm two Rainbows

Burliegh Head (Noreeen loves getting me climbing ) 

Cast of Opera in the park

Engrossed Audiance 

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