Monday, 6 May 2013

Well May bank holiday and the sun is belting down what a fabulous day. This must be the first May bank holiday in years that it hasn’t rained this has to be the hottest day of the year .
The day started early picking Maryanne and Steve and getting them back to the boat everything set for the get away. Then it started, First John’s boat refused to start after a few minutes tinkering we found it was just an ignition problem, that was soon sorted and we were off just. All the marina turned out to wave us off now I am not sure if they were wishing us well or just making sure we left But! We will be back. As we left two boats were turning around in the entrance to the marina that meant that they were in front of us for the first lock, this duo consisted of one single hander and one boat with just one working as the second had to keep going for a lie down, anyway they were so slow I could have picked the boats up and carried them quicker however it was a glorious day the banks were full of walkers, cyclists, pram pushers, grandma’s granddads, everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather. All in the world was good except for the two noddy boats in front of us who were now beginning to (despite the great weather) getting right up my nose eventually we arrived at the junction of the L&L the two boats that were causing the hold-up turned right we turned left Great now we can get going half a mile ahead we had a swing bridge on arriving we were informed that it had malfunctioned (in other words some numtie had tried to open it too quick and jammed the mechanism As four boats were waiting on the opposite side of bridge and behind John and I  were another six boats luckily we know this swing bridge if it fails you have to close everything down then start again from scratch on the second attempt it worked Someone did say that they had called the CRT but we were the last to go through the CRT had still not arrived.
The rest of the run down to Dean lock  was uneventful except for the people the place was humming with them and everyone was in such a good mood
Tomorrow we will tackle Wigan I hate that place Wigeners please I do not mean you just the bloody canal it awful you would think that they would sort it out as the CRT offices are alongside the canal anyway we will get a good early start and be through Wigan before the scrotes manage to drag their backsides out of bed
As days go today has been a good one a day you ar glad yo have a boat and are fit enough to be out on the water
Keep an eye for us

Big Al

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