Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Today has been one of those really beautiful days, from 05.30 when the birds woke me up with the incessant twittering as we were moored under the M6 to the beautiful sunset over Leigh the day has been glorious. And quite uneventful except for admiring what a wonderful country we live in. Open country of suburban town stunning is the best way to describe it, I believe that with a well trained and inquisitive eye you can see beauty everywhere.
Here now I must state that I will apologise to Wigan  I did say I was not looking forward to the todays excursion through Wigan, past experience has taught me to expect the worst because from leaving the Douglas valley at Crook and entering Wigan in the past it was like arriving on a different planet. Maybe it was the avalanche of mail and emails I sent to CRT that prodded them into action ( I would like to think so but I doubt it) What ever,, other than the canal having a fair share of general disposable rubbish ( chip cartons, plastic bottles etc)  the whole place has had a makeover even the locks worked
Well done Wigan We will come again though to get back we have no choice but at least now I will not be dreading it I shall be looking forward to it.

We shall stay here in Leigh tomorrow and then into Manchester on Thursday

Stay Cool
even the sun couldnt cheer this old Girl up
Wigan Peir
Ince Flash veiwd from the canal
The unused lock at Dean lock Under the M6
This must have been as busy as the M6 that now towers over this 
momument to transport 

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piphodg said...

Hi Buggerlugs, nice to here youre underway glad you got the weather I ordered for you, here's wishing you and johns boat a happy and troublesome voyage.
lov pip.