Tuesday, 10 July 2012

We are now playing a waiting game , waiting for the weather to change, our next guests to arrive and my Premium Bonds to come up with a good win. First we moored a few days in Barbridge from there Noreen was able to visit her dad, I managed to get some running repairs done, when we are on continuous cruise mode its surprising just how many items break, wear out, get damaged or just simply get lost. Unfortunately I am one of those people who considers everything has a place and everything should be in that place, I also have a fixation on things being fit for purpose. I know that sounds like I have a problem and many people would agree but I know that in an emergency everything will be to hand and it will work

??????????? All that requires lots of maintenance so a few days enforced lay up is always welcome. I managed to give the engine a good service new oil and filters I had noticed a few rattles started to appear so everything got a good tighten down. I had to make two new stern Holding ropes As one snapped ) I use these when just holding the boat in whilst Noreen closes down the lock (its easier that the centre line) they are only 4ft long I like to decorate mine with Turks heads and plats, so as not to be too boring I did quite a few other long awaited jobs.

After a few days of hanging around in Barbridge we head south as far as Nantwich, not far I admit but its a change of scenery, people and of course shops. Saturday we had a really nice day walking around Nantwich which is a very nice country town that has retained most of its quaintness the parish church is well worth a look the market though small is indoors and the fish and chip shop down the side of Lloyds bank is one of the best. Yesterday we had a bus ride (free) into the ancient Roman City of Chester a place that never seems to change. It is still full of touring Japanese, Chinese and Americans, But the best thing about Chester is: that after midnight on Saturday and all day Sunday you can; within the City walls, shoot a Welshman with a long bow. Not very PC but its more fun than watching Sunday TV

I managed to replace my ancient Philips clock radio which has given fourteen years loyal service but now has given up talking to me. Noreen found a very nice Jacket in M&S what was more amazing was we got there and back without getting wet in fact the weather though changeable and not really summer, for us it has not been to bad in fact some days have been really hot and others I have been glad to be in the boat as the houses around us are being flooded by the continuous deluge.

So Noreen is off to visit her A dad tomorrow Thursday will be the big shop day and turn the boat around, I am taking Buggerlugs to fill up with Diesel, Gas, water and get a pump out, all in preparation for the Australian contingent arriving sat we are taking the boat to Barbridge as that is where they are joining us for the four day cruise back to Stretford.

Unfortunately I have no other news, with the weather being inclement the canal is very quiet lots of passing boaters seem to remember us from the Crick show and stop to say hello which is very nice.

Catch you all soon

Big Al

NB Buggerlugs

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