Monday, 23 July 2012

Thats it! we have just completed Toms 90th Birthday weekend celebration

It all began last Sunday when Mary and Roger arrived from Australia, they joined us ib Barbridge They had arrived to us via Venice and Amsterdam, Mary really wanted to experience the life on the Cut So I considered a quick dash from Barbridge to Stretford would do the trick??????

They arrived on Sunday lunch time after a quick lunch and the safety drill?? We were off only a few miles just as a taster we moored for the evening around bridge 24 on the link it was a lovely summer evening with no TV, phone signal or internet, which I thought was typical and worth experiencing, next morning 07.15 I wanted to get through Middelwich early before it started to back up Mary had already completed two locks and we considered her Trained But we didnt take the weather into consideration it was raining when we left at 0715 and still raining when we arrived in Northwich at 16.30 we where all like drowned rats, Mary wanted to experience everything about the canals and she did, the evening on the Weaver was great we even found time to go to Weatherspoons for our evening meal (My birthday treat) Tues Noreen and mary got a hire car and shot up to visit Tom arriving back in time to slip the mooring and catch the last lift back to the canal we then had a quick dash North

We did the first two tunnels and moored up, Weds gave us the last tunnel and on to Lymm as the weather had now changed this was a much better experience arriving early in Lymm and getting a mooring near the chippy gave us plenty of time to take a nice walk around the Dam. This then only left Thurs as we had now joined the Bridgewater no more locks, open canal, wide bridges and little traffic so by lunch time we were at our destination 500 yards from Toms front door and the beginning of the birthday celebrations Sat evening Noreen arrange a Family reunion party at Sale water park 28 dined and it was a re-good-do Different to most Mancuniun family reunions there were no punch ups. Sunday was a celebration Mass again a very meaning full occasion.

We are now sat in Stretford Marina waiting for Weds morning when we all fly off to Hamburg were we join the Queen Mary for a cruise back to Southampton I know I can hear you why are you going on a cruise??? Well I will tell you; all food is included all day every day. And I am sure that when the captain realises he has got another captain on board he will call me to the bridge for some advice and let me have a go ???????????

The above Does not give justice to the four days trip from Barbridge to Stretford our guests seem to enjoy what the system has to offer even the weather did not put them off

Mary & Rodger Lymm Dam
Time off from the locks

Ready to celebrate
his 90th

Mary says in Bigger than anything in Australia
However they don't have canals?

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Anonymous said...


Except for one really bad weather day we were very lucky the rest of the time.
So many beautiful sights it's hard to pick out just one, Lymm, through the tunnels & Anderton Boat Lift were just a few of the many highlights.Rog really enjoyed being with the Captain at the Tiller. Thanks Noreen for teaching me the locks, you never know I may be able to impress someone with that on my resum'e.

Happy cruising to you both &


Roger & Mary xx