Monday, 2 July 2012

Hi everyone
How's your Weather?????????????

Saturday morning I was reluctant to rise But! 7.00am came around and it was time to start, I didn’t really want to leave the River Weaver but time marches on and we had done everything we wanted to do, having said our good-bye’s to our host’s last night we were able to get a good start. Over night the river had risen again only, by a few inches but it was still raining and still rising; so maybe getting early start might give that bit more of a chance of getting under that first bridge. With the wind behind us and the river in flood we were soon cruising and a fast rate of knots having navigated the first couple of very tight bends we were soon onto the wide open river, travelling only a few miles the first low bridge came into view, it was looking very low, we approached with great caution taking off all the revs and just allowing the flow to carry us through; with one hand on the reverse ready to make a hasty retreat we inched steadily forward. The previous night I had fitted a little marker to the top of the cratch head beam, my intension being if that goes through so should the rest??.
It did with 1 inch to spare but that’s all we needed, With a great sigh of relief we were through and now just open water two locks and Northwich Town Bridge between us and the Anderton lift. Arriving at the first lock I realised that even though we had a good start to escape the rising water and to make the lift in time for our passage up I did not take into account that the locks don’t start until 10.00am on Saturdays, we had to wait an hour though to be fare as soon as they came they got us through lock in double time, they also phoned the next lock to say we were on our way and wanted to go straight through within 45min we were approaching the next lock it was ready and we were being waved through. Northwich was not busy and we made the bridge with plenty of room to spare so we just sailed on through arriving at the boat lift at 11.35 for our 11.40 appointment
We had Made it.

Again everything was set and in minutes we were on the lift and rising to canal level, we even managed to get a mooing just outside the lift. all in all a very good day
Sunday we had a surprise Mat Lorraine and Thomas arrived though the weather was still not good we found plenty to do, Thomas gave me instructions on how to sail the boat and Mat fished he even caught some. Sunday it was still raining Noreen wanted to shop so Mat took us all over to \Northwich were Noreen shopped I got some engine oil and we all had Breakfast at Weatherspoons Thomas really enjoyed that, though not as much as seeing me go A--- o--- t-- attempting a high catch on our Rugby practice Thomas kicked a good Up and Under tempting me to go for the catch (I obliged) my neck is still aching

We are still hold up at Anderton, we are going to diner tonight with Silvia and Alan then tomorrow first thing we are off again I am picking up Diesel, Gas, Water and a pump-out, then we have no idea were we are going hopefully to find the sun ?????????

God Bless

Big Al

The Night before  clear Sky

Ready to go at 07.15 weather set in
First of the narrow bends

Just got the chimney under another inch and we would have had to
wait for the bridge to be swung open that could take a day??


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Anonymous said...

What a hectic life you lead!!

I thought this boating life was serene? though it all sounds great fun to me..... one permanent holiday!!

Confirming our reservation!

See you soon,

Downunda X M X