Tuesday, 30 June 2009


The Cresent

The Park & Gardens
Yesterday we decided to take a day off the water and have a on land day. We used our well earned Bus Passes and took a bus to Buxton, we eventually found the right bus having missed two by standing on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong way (remember we do hold bus passes)
anyhow we duly boarded the bus and yes he was going to Buxton, great however the journey was thwart with intrigue, as many of you will know the quickest way from Whalley Bridge to Buxton is along the A6 which entails going over what for many years has been called "long hill " my apprehension started when I saw a sign saying road ahead closed the driver still intent on breaking the speed barrier took no notice of the sign and took evasive action to avoid ploughing into the barriers, the driver expertly negotiated the barrier and continued up hill at a remarkable speed for an old Arriva bus. I thought all our troubles were over thinking logically that the driver and bus company had permission to use the banned route, That was until I saw the men working in the middle of the road, they looked as bewildered as I was feeling to see the bus hurtling towards them, I must admit we had a good driver who did slow down for the obstruction in front of him many words were exchanged between the driver and road crew ??? we eventually side stepped our way through, On arriving in Buxton we alighted from our transport and thanked the driver for delivering us safely ( what else could you say)
Buxton is very nice and peaceful we needed time to recover and regain our sanity. We had coffee in the Bath house now a very salubrious coffee bar. walk through the town visited all the expensive shops and bought from all the cheap ones. Had a nice Fish and chip lunch in a greasy spoon complete with plastic table cloths as everyone knows I just love it nostalgia.
As we now faced the return journey we thought of getting a different route back we found a bus that would return us via the little villages and deposit us closer to the boat. We thought the journey going was rough our return was hair raising, I am amazed at the speed these drivers can propel these buses through lanes I wouldn't consider taking a push bike down. Hair raising bends, steep hills, mountain passes, inclines that made you cling on for dear life. and all the time the locals are talking to the driver and asking him about his garden, either the boat has made me soft or these people around here are true Christians and are not afraid of meeting their maker.
As we disembarked from the bus in Bugsworth Village we were given a hearty and smiling "have a nice stay" from the driver.
I must say in the defence he was a nice driver stopping in the middle of the road to help young mums off with the prams. taking shopping off for old laddies he was kindness its self.
Today we are recuperating I have a stiff neck and Noreen a bad back
Having a bus pass is a ticket to a whole new world of adventure

As a foot note Noreen would just like to say we are not in the second week of Wimbledon and she still hasn't seen a match


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful tale about your bus journey, ive read it twice now and still laughed as much second time. i think you should catch that bus again, to give the driver your blog i bet he would have a good laugh as well. the halliwells x

Anonymous said...

Following the blog is always entertaining but that was the best story so far. My sides ache with laughter!!!! You could make good money selling your tales. Buxton is a wonderful place, did you visit the fabulous sweetie shop?. I bet you didn't spend as much as the "girlies" did in January whilst celebrating your 60th. Keep boating, I look forward to your next chapter. Love you Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

Al, Noreen, oh gorgeous ones.

Hope all is bung up and bilge free with you & that you are enjoying many hearty feasts of Black coated workers and Burgoo………..if not may I recommend it to keep you most regular!

Welcome my friends to the world of public transport. To experience it in full glory you need to pop on the Manchester to Chorlton route with our mad poet or meet our political refuge with petition to stay in the UK. The service to Blackley requires some kind of bullet proof vest if poss & use a mobile on the Trafford route if you are man enough. Next time we’ll talk trains and things like bridge bashes????

I hear that you are heading back up to civilisation soon? I suggest full steam ahead because the Harvey Nicks sale is on!!! And it would be lovely to see you

I was thinking of you as I sat by the Bridgewater canal yesterday in Lymm??? Anyway nice spot with; a 48hr mooring next to a nice pubs & lovely little village with a fab hospice shop (for painting bargains) & award winning Indian restaurant.

Of course I’ve never had a sense of direction (I can & do regularly get lost on the way back from B&Q at Whiteberk), but lovely spot if it’s on your way home or you’ve not yet floated that way?

See you for hugs & boat drinks soon I hope.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday dear Alan,
Happy Birthday to you ! Heaps of Love From OZ xx xxx xx

Maryanne said...

Very funny! Loved reading this. Good to see that you are back online. All is good here as you know the Fashion show looms! Thanks mum for the good luck message (a week early) but still very much appreciated. The dress rehearsal didn’t go too well (which is hopefully a good sign) My costumes are all most impossible to dance in so I am currently working on some modifications. Most of the students went on (which is a bonus) and only one went on the rampage. All in all I suppose it was more successful than I realise. Love the Pics from Buxton did you go to the sweet shop? We are planning on going see the Harry Potter movie this weekend (I am very excited)! Nothing much else to report, hope that you had a great Birthday Dad, and please try not to get into any trouble with the ball gun! ( I accept no responsibility).
Love you miss you Maryanne and Gregg x