Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bugsworth Basin

All together

Bugsworth Basin

Buggerlugs 2

Hi everyone
here we are again, since we last spoke we have been on the move, after Danny left we were moving up to Marple in stages, however the canal was so short on moorings not that they were busy or there was no spaces just the opposite the problem was the depth of water we could not get the boat in anywhere. We ended up doing three days travel in one day from Congleton to Poynton, since then things have become more subdued. Last weekend we had the Walkdens with us for the day and a cracking day it was with fishing and garden centres. we then moved up to High Lane were we took on Matthew, Lorraine and Thomas, the problem is when people come to stay is were do you put the car this time our Keith came to the rescue he arranged for the save keeping of the car and transported us to and fro three cheers for our kid.
With the extra bodies on board we made our way through Marple and on to the Peak Forrest Canal the canal is quite short and we traveled to the end at a place called Bugworth Basin. Now the basin is one of the hidden gems of the canal system it is a wonderful place. it was built in the 1700 for the firing and transportation of lime stone the whole place has been renovated and one can see how the place worked now large grassy banks, landscaped moorings, and decent banks has replaced the horse drawn tramway, the furnaces, Blacksmiths, Barges and of course lime stone and the smell of sulphur. now it is a peaceful haven in the Derbyshire countryside. We have been here since Wednesday and are staying until next Wednesday that's how good it is.
It is also a good place to sell my wares (canal wares) has it gets plenty of visitors in fact today I made 25 quid not a fortune but id dinner in the pub for two.
It was great to have Mat Lorraine and Thomas for a few days here in the basin there is lots of room for Thomas to run around and having with us for a few days was fantastic
The whole Gang were here yesterday Maryanne and Gregg arrived I know its a long drive for them but it made my day, it was a fantastic day thanks to everyone for coming and making it so good.
Noreen's is off to school camp on Thursday our Keith is coming over to keep me company so we should have a good time it will be like camping in the van again.
Stay good
thanks for the comments
Big Al

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. glad you sold something Al, i keep looking for interesting things for you paint. And i am really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday Noreen. Alan have a good time with keith, Dont be pushing him down any steps fish nicely!!!! the Halliwells x