Thursday, 16 July 2009

Furnace Vale

Furnace Vale
Hi All
Well having left Bugsworth basin we made our way down to Furnace Vale were I stayed in the marina while Noreen went on her school camp and left me all on my own (sob sob) however our Keith managed to come and stay for a few days so we had a good laugh caught a few fish and generally made a nuisance of ourselves as usual. We are now on the way to Manchester tomorrow its 16 locks from Marple to Ashton the Thurs we are doing 22 locks from Ashton to Manchester though we have go extra crew for that Danny will be joining us for that run. I also hope to pick up our Colin on part of the run we can then visit my great granddads house which is the lock keepers cottage on mill street.Nothing drastic has happened except for a mooring ring breaking and the boat finishing up over the other side of the canal that was in Furnace Vale. We also got so wet today that my underpants shrank.

Speak soon


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