Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Old River Thames ??

Hi Everyone
On Sunday morning we left Oxford behind joining what I believe to be the River Isis though the signs say the Thames.  Isis or Thames it is the most beautiful piece of river its quite wide and flows with a gentle but forceful flow strong enough to remind you that it is a river and gentle enough to allow you time to enjoy the ride. The first quarter mile is very urban passing under the mail railway then turning past Bosom boatyard here the river opens up to about 180ft wide along oxford common as it was early Sunday morning the church bells were peeling it was like a scene out of the Archers so very very English. this gentle glide up a very gentle river seemed to wash away all the bad things about the Oxford canal into insignificance.
I will not attempt to describe the pure joy of that mornings cruise my command of the English language would not do it justice, you would have to be there to enjoy it as I did

But do enjoy the pis
God Bless

River starts to Open up

A little turbulence from a side weir  

passing the boat yard

Quite a dull morning so pics are quite poor

Their is always traffic wherever you go

many sights to check out

just a nice shot of Buggerlugs

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