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That's it we have now left the rivers behind and are now on the more sedate Canals.
Spending a little time in Nottingham was ok its not the most exciting of towns though it does possess a cat Cafe we went in last year thinking it looked a nice cafe but realised you had to share the whole place with CATS who would do that, Anyway from there we moved up to Sawley where we stayed in a marina so we could get some domestic jobs done its easier that way. and the shops are just a bus ride away in a little town called Long Eaton for such a little town it has everything and all in one place you can walk between Aldi, Tesco super, Sainsbury's, Iceland, B&M and loads of little independent shops including a fantastic Cheese cake shop really nice stuff and cheep.

We also had a sail down the river Soar to Loughborough again a very pleasant little town, we moored at the end of the line.  the river continues to through to Leicester and then joins the Grand Union we just took the arm into the centre very weird moored outside a fitness centre and Travel Lodge travel lodge I don't mind But  a fitness centre Ahhhhhhh Why do they have these great big windows so you can watch is it Vanity is it "look at Meee" is for voyeurism what I  just cannot see the point of it ???

Today we left the rivers behind we left the lower Trent and got onto the Trent and Mersey Canal. You arrive at a junction where the River Dawent , Trent and the canal meet, it is rather a anti-climax no big locks or huge dams just a gentle tootle along if it wasn't for the signs you would never know.

We are now at a place called Shadlow its quite historic this is where the river traffic met the canal traffic in its heyday there must have hundreds of boats here exchanging cargos as the big river boats couldn't go any further and vice versa for the canal boats. We are now heading for Burton upon Trent Keith and Carol are meeting us there and spending a few days with us, really looking forward to that its quite some time since Keith and I did some fishing,

Again I don't seem to have much to say OH yes I am glad to see the back of the Big plastic chicken (cruisers) and Wide Beams they constantly remind me of big bullies you know the sort you had at school because they were bigger they thought it gave them the right to push in and seem to give them that sense of superiority. I never liked them at school in the Army or in the work place in fact I will say I go out of my way to be obstructive with them, they seem to take the centre on any river pushing everyone to the side, except for me I hold my ground and also stay centre (I know I should use my own side of the river BUT why should I?)  I am 17ton of steel they are about 6 ton of flimsy plastic there is only going to be one winner. Now does that make me a bully?? Maybe BUT if they keep to their side of the river I do likewise and we pass in perfect harmony I don't go looking for trouble but if it finds me I will accommodate it . You like Noreen will think me mad maybe I am " I JUST HATE BULLIES) Also there are rumours along the tow path that all boats will soon be paying for their FOOTPRINT, that is to say at the moment I pay my licence fee according to my length (Baot Length)
which is 60ft I am 7ft wide now a Wide Beam at 60ft and 12ft wide only pays the same as me when it come to locks a lock will take two narrowboats (that's what they were made for) but will only take one wide beam. they take up twice the space so they should pay for that space. most canals when very busy will take two narowboats breasted up if two wide beams do it they block the canal.
Glad I got that off my chest All wide beams and cruisers should be resigned to wide rivers and leave the canals to the boats that they were designed for.......

Speak when our kid goes home there should be some tales to tell

God Bless

End of the Line in Loughborough

The junction of the river Darwent, Trent and the Trent and Mersey canal
Thank God there was a sign

Very basic but Necessary ?????? 

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