Thursday, 22 June 2017


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Well that's 99% of the River Trent behind us we are doing a little detour off the Trent and down the River Soar to Loughborough only take a couple of days sentimental really as my Dad always spoke of the place with awe as he took an engineering degree there.
Lincoln and Boston were worth the visit though  Boston we thought was a disappointment. We remember going there a about ten years ago and thought then what a quaint place it was But now all the quaint shops are East European Supermarkets, the only other shops are hairdressers, Barbers, Bubble pipe coffee shops or the ubiquitous Charity shop I thought Peterborough was bad but Boston being smaller is in one word Awful it has just been taken over.
Lincoln is lovely though again not as quaint as we remembered I know we cannot live in the past but surely we should retain some of our heritage  soon all we will have left is a few Postcards to remember it by. The east  of the country really seems to be getting overrun by the Eastern Block, I know that we are a tolerant and hospitable nation and long may we be so But when it comes to our heritage being taken away along with our district customs and dialect it time to stop and think.
Leaving Lincoln and Boston behind we set of back down the Trent into Newark making go speed we were ready for a few days off in Newark However at the last lock before Newark the lock keeper informed us that due to the FESTIVAL moorings are very sparse, On arriving we could see why there wasn't enough room to moor a canoe however we did spot a Narrowboat that was gesturing for us to pull alongside which we did and since then we have become great friends of Mary and Sean who we have been meeting up with on a regular basis. the Festival was POP with groups like UB40, Storm Patrol and Oasis, they may mean something to some of you but nothing to me, But on the whole it wasn't bad because we were over the other side of the river the noise was quite acceptable and the music not bad AND to us on the river it was free.
From Newark to Nottingham the Trent was as usual wonderful we are above the tidal section the river just meanders along it is wide and slow so beautiful and majestic arriving in Nottingham we spent the first two nights on what is revered to as the steps outside the County hall and next to the cricket ground  plenty of moorings, shops, museums and fishing nice place
leaving Nottingham it beautiful weather we were all set to have a gentle cruise to Sawley where we are at the moment However yesterday morning we set off after about an hour cruise Noreen nipped in to make a brew and came back with the news that we had a burning smell in the boat Noreen took the helm and I went to investigate I soon realised that we were in trouble and that yes we had a problem in the engine room. Under these circumstances "Don't panic Mr Mannering " I through the isolator switches for domestic and Engine switch the engine off and glided Buggerlugs to the tow path After lifting the engine covers I found that the 175am Domestic alternator was very hot not being able to find the cause I decided to run the engine with the covers off that lasted about ten minutes when the bloody thing just burst into flames now we were buggered ( It  reminded me of when I was at school in the music class we sang a song ""Fire! Fire! Fire! down below its bring a bucket of water boys there's fire down below I wanted to sing it start singing but thought better of it. again Noreen took the helm and guided it into the side whilst I got the fire extinguisher and dealt with the fire, on inspection this time, we did have a problem but at least now it was obvious what it was as the alternator was now a smouldering mess. It was now time for a brew and give the job a "coat of looking at" As this alternator has now been in the hands of three experts I considered it time to close the door on it, my decision is to now charge the batteries using the Power pack, disconnect the alternator removing the van belt and isolating the wiring and leave it until we get back and let Danny have look. that was yesterday and touch wood everything is working  sort of??????
But in true Hodgkinson spirit we continue until something else happens But hey I keep saying if everything goes according to plan how bloody boring would it be....

Stay safe,,, Stay well.

The Steps in Nottingham

Nottingham central Arch

The Glory Hole Lincoln leading to the river Wethem

Noreen getting measured for her roll as Captain

The Boston Stump
Its is the biggest Parish Church in Britain
Called the stump because seen from the surrounding fens it looks like an
old Tree stump

Taken by our friends Mary and Sean
who we met in Newark

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