Friday, 5 May 2017

Fac ing the Wigan Flight

Hi everyone
Staying at Burscough was very interesting as we managed to get up to Fettlers and meet the new ow
ner that was mainly to put the Chinese rumours to rest. Why is it that when ever change is on the horizon everyone assumes the worst and as we are now getting on in years and have seen it, done it, been there, and in my case witnessed it. Together we are almost unshockable if that's a word.
and what will be will be my advice to everyone is don't worry about anything until it happens because in all probability it wont
On leaving Burscough we rounded a bend near to Dean Lock I notice a few people walking the tow path I knew I recognised one of them but you know when you know someone but they are not where they should be so you discard it  well that happened, getting closer  I realised it was one of our dearest and closest friends from Blackburn Jenifer but as usual in these situation we couldn't stop only enough time to pull in for a hug and promise to meet up as we win our last 4 attempts ere passing through Blackburn next week. see you then Jen
Time now to face the inevitable  WIGAN FLIGHT  I know its only 22 locks which is no great effort however  in our last 4 attempts that's 2 up and 2 down we have always at some stage  ran out of water. This time I was quietly confident we would make it, as the Canal was still blocked at Boothstown thereby restricting traffic going north and the same restriction impeded traffic heading south, so only traffic coming from the west or going west would be using the flight.
before starting the flight we had decided that as there were two boats and four crew we would breast the two boats together for me to take through the locks, John  would  gallop ahead and set the next lock and the two gallent ladies  left to work the lock that I was in. As it happened this was quite fortuneate as we had a 20pmh wind blowing with the lock ahead set and open I could go straight into the next open lock without having to hover two boats in the pound( open water between two locks. A system that I may add that has worked for 200 years and nothing we had invented. It worked  wonderfuly well  and for for old codgers we completed the flight in under four hours
The journey from the the top of the top of the flight to our overnight stop at Addlington (  which is just before White Bear Marina) on the side of the park a really nice overnight stop) is a very sedate run no linear moored boats no traffic its just a beautiful run through stunning country side. If you do take this trip keep a look out for Kingfishers as there are more along that stretch than I have ever seen
Off now to Skipton  not before spending two nights at Riley Green with our old mate John who owns the Marina here, always good to catch up with good friends, then Sunday crack on through the industrial heart land of the North West which though less picturesque is steeped in its industrial heritage its worth stopping and admiring what our forefather actually DID I know I am really bias about the north But in life you have to be proud of something

that's it Folks
Catch you along the cut 

Both Boats Breasted up heading for the first lock

Made it penultimate lock 

at rest at top lock

Ainscough Mill Burscough  now converted into Flats sorry apartments
Get out early miss all the traffic???????

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