Saturday, 12 March 2016


Well by now I thought we would be at Johnson Hillock but No We are still on the Wigan Flight.. Started this morning at 08.00 did the first ten in record time and then hit a stone wall as we had ran out of water all the pounds above us were empty all because at 22.00 last night a boat came down and left all the paddles open draining the pounds. i must give credit to the Cat volunteers who made a valiant effort to get water down but at 18.00 hrs we realised that we were not going any further today So That now puts us five days into the trip and three days behind schedule. Frustration is the by word at the moment we are in true boaters spirit and making a party of it with three boats butties up in a pound and making the best of a bad deal.
I said last night how much I hate Wigan and today has done nothing to enhance my feeling towards the place.
Speak tomorrow
big Al

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