Friday, 18 September 2015

Camping Ausie Style

Hi Everyone
Just returned from three days camping and fishing, we took off to a lovely location called Summerset Dam which is up in the hills north west of Brisbane It isnt until you start to explore that you realise the vastness of this country Summerset dam has 240km of coast line Roger and I were fishing from the boat and even in the three days there we only touched the a very small area of the lake. 
Even though the fishing was not at its best we managed to hold our own with this Ausie lot who I must say are a very happy chatty and  welcoming lot the experts all agreed that the fishing was not at its best which compensated a little for our poor catch rate even so I did not disgrace myself. It was very strange to sit there very happily fishing with Kangaroo's  bouncing past, Sea Eagles soaring above and Pelicans gliding by as you can imagine its very hard to concentrate on the fishing with all that going on. The Australians seem to love there camping and the outdoor life they also enter into the spirit of camping where everyone pitches in, as far as equipment goes they seem to take everything and that is the Australian Ute comes in, these four X four utility vehicles built for the traders, have taken on a new dimension when it comes to camping they are equipped with everything fridge Freezer, cookers its a case of put up the tent (huge things) open up the back of the Ute and start camping oh yes everyone tows a boat, Noreen and I had our first experience of camping Ausi style when we really went Bush and drove with Mary and Roger from Adelaide to Ayers Rock over a period of four weeks as I say great adventures and everyone here seems to do it.
On this trip nothing strange happened other than an encounter with a Possum at 04.00 in the morning it would appear that we both needed the loo and neither would give way,  as I needed the loo more than it, with a bit of bullying I won. only to be greeted by a big  red Kangaroo who had come t the aid of his little mate I did not take a chance and try to bully it so we had a stand off it got bored and buggered off and I went back to bed, stories of giant snakes and spiders are very much distorted in all our years of camping in Australia we have come across very little that would actually harm you OK they are here but so are double decker buses in the UK and have you ever been hit by one.
We now have two weeks on the gold coast,  before we head off on a cruise to Papua New Guinee which should be exciting. so over the next couple of weeks we will no doubt be doing some more exploring I will be able to borrow the boat and get some more fishing in and just generally join the crowd down here and just hang out in the sun
sorry these are short but Hey I cant tell you everything we are doing

God Bless 

Camp site ours was a small site and basic 
because we know how to "rough it" with micro wave and coffee machine ?????

Night CAMP Strange encounters ??



These tree towered about 15m above us at water leval 
and we were fishing in 20m of water so I make it that when the dam was flooded these trees stood about 200ft and the dam was flood in 1950 so they have been stood in this water for 65 years Amazing and very erry at night 

what can one say

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