Thursday, 4 June 2015

Well what a wild 48 hrs that was, I have never known such powerful winds this time of year, but with the weather it is what it is, you can dress for the wet and the cold but the wind in my opinion there is only one thing to do and thats moor up and wait it out.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, after a good clean up around the boat and putting everything back in its rightful place we decided to hop the bus and take ourselves off to Settle it being a place we use to visit quite a lot, a very sedate day really just a good walk and a good lunch, Going  took 35mins by bus coming back took 20 I think our European driver must have been on a promise, as you know from my past experiences on buses I do tend to nod off and Noreen has to apologise for me being spread across the floor after the bus taking a corner at 60 and me half asleep Well what our for if not to apologise for their husbands????
Today we hit Skipton with a tour around the castle and the parish church both extremely interesting yet not exciting. Though the day was productive as I have started on repainting our Name sign something I have been meaning to do for months.
We had word from Kath and John todayDue to the lack of water and pounds being empty  it took them 8 hrs to get up the Wigan flight they must have been exhausted  I make it now they can be only 4 days behind us, as we are staying here until Monday because Maryanne is coming over on Sun/Mon and possibly  Julie on sat that should put Kath and John very close it will be great to be teamed up again

Keep  smiling

A bit of catch up work 

Noreen just finished Polishing Buggerlugs she looks Gorgeous 
so does Noreen

The fish climb at Settle helping the fish get to the spawning grounds up river 

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