Saturday, 26 July 2014

Narrowboat Central heating

Hi Everyone
Well we have had the pleasure of Maryanne with us this weekend as her and Noreen have gone over to Manchester tonight to see The War Horse at the Lowery (I am left here on my own) As Noreen was working today I decided to take a day shopping with Maryanne round the antique shops and curios shops Maryanne and I just love browsing, rummaging and scrounging. However as Maryanne is expecting in November and today was the hottest this year the trip was cut short due to swollen ankles so a quick pub lunch and back to the boat. Maryanne decided to have a lie down. I took this opportunity to have a last bash at getting the central heating fixed ( well its no use waiting for the winter and then trying to fix it) after bleading all the radiators and the heater unit I gave it one last try EURIKA it works, of course once it has started you have to allow it to run for a while. Eventually when Maryanne came too from her semi coma she was subjected to a boat that was resembling a floating sauna, even with ever aperture open you still could not breathe. This is one visit  that Maryanne will be tell my future grandchild about, “the day that granddad tried to cook me”

Anyone with a busted Webesco central heating system just ask Me ????????????????

Be Good

Big Al

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