Thursday, 5 December 2013

Getting on with Life

Hi Everyone
I have not been: Hospitalised, emigrated, deported, or been  detained at her majesties pleasure, None of them I have just been busy being Me and believe it,, that is busy!
Life on Buggerlugs carries on at a relentless pace Noreen is still doing what she loves and working a few days a week in the coffee shop and I am doing what I can for anyone who asks, It would seem that if you have reasonable Knowledge of boats and can use a screwdriver, chisel, drill, work with rope or paint a straight line you will always have company. I just love working. I have been extremely busy making Xmas presents I cannot say what as some of you might be receiving them lets just say they are novel and I have used an old craft to do Some of them.
One of my friends here on the Marina, Phil  has got a PT job with a company that give canal trips only about two hours with lunch thrown in and a few talks on the Canal, its life, its history, its people  I have helped out on a few trips; today was one of them days; its great. I get to be back on the water in someone else’s boat using their diesel chatting to people about something I love “the waterways” so far I have done three parties and loved everyone of them. The weather has been great real winter sunshine very few boats about its been like being on holiday????????
I don’t know when  I will post this because yet again I am in dispute with orange(EE) with reference to my down load use I have been with them for 5 years and never used my allowance but this month they recon I have used it all in a matter of 10 days so they have decided to put me on a very slow connection which is so slow its not worth using and can I get to talk to any one at Orange can I bloody hell I even went to the shop who informed me that they don’t deal with complaints I would have to go ON LINE to Customer Service After shouting “Moron I just Bloody Told you I can’t get on line”  I then realised I was talking to the walking dead and I was on my own. Tomorrow is another day I shall once again try and phone them ????? Wish me luck
OK I finally managed to get it touch with a human at Orange though not very conversant with English, with my splattering of Arabic and Swahili we managed to get my account sorted and I am now once again  back on line.
At the moment we are being battered with 95mph winds coming down the marina and hitting us broadside on (its rough)  that is the one disadvantage of having the best mooring or prettiest mooring it comes with the weather most other boats take protection from each other, who cares anyway it adds a bit of excitement  to the boating experience???????  I tried telling Noreen that at 3.30  when the first gusts hit the boat and woke us up; (it didn’t work)
Christmas is nearly upon us and today we are out for our first Christmas party Noreen is out again tonight Im being left at home, How did we ever find time to go to work?????

Just like the pope I will publish my Christmas message near to the Big day

God Bless All


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