Friday, 15 June 2012

wet wet wet

Eeeeee by Ek What grand weather we are having at the moment

I know being boaters we are expected to be more resilient to inclement weather than all you softy land lubbers, But quite honestly I’m fed up of being wet.

Fantastic news though that the hose pipe ban has been lifted we can now all rush out, water the garden, wash the car and fill the kids swimming pool ?????? My skin has become a very nice brown colour its the colour of rust.
At Barbridge junction we split from Orion, Kath and John continued to Chester as were vered off on the Shropshire link to Middlewhich, They are being collected near Christleton and going home for the weekend th
Today we traveled up from Barbridge to just before Anderton, as things were quiet and traffic light
nobody but us were stupid enough to travel though torential rain and gail force wind, anyway though this tranquility my mind started to wander, I started to think of our fore fathers who originally built these wonderful waterways and just what a great sense of humour they had. They must have sat there eating their big cheese butties chatting with their mates saying I bet you in two hundred years time boaters will be coming up and down here in their big fancy boats with big fancy engines no horses, on something they will call a holiday, And actually enjoying themselves. So what we will do is every time the canal bends to 30% or more we will build a bridge so nobody can see on coming traffic, that should cause chaos and make us remembered. So thats what they did. Now today because of some canal surveyors drinking too much cider with their lunch 200 years ago we now have to run the gauntlet every time we pass through a bridge which there are thousands. To avoid two boats crashing the rules say that you should decide who is the nearest to the bridge,  that boat takes the water and the one furthest away waits now that system works IF YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER BOAT but if you cannot see the other boat then the potential for a head bow to bow colition on is magnified

Today that happened at every Bloody bridge luckily I avoided head on collisions but had numerous near misses But I bet those old surveyors were up there in canal heaven having a great old giggle

I have just seen the forecast for tomorrow but all I had to do was look out of the window its rain rain Rain and high winds with a bit of thunder. fantastic what a great day we will have
again I will say " A bad day on the cut is better than a good day at the office"

Stay tuned

Big Al

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the wet wet!

Maybe they are saving it all for me??????

Got the update ... cheers

X Downunda X