Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Off the Langollen

That’s it we are now off the Llangollen hopefully I can now spell all the places we may visit ??? Two and a half days from Ellesmere to Barbridge which is just beyond Hurlestone junction where the Llangollen meets the Shropshire Canal.

The Llangollen at this time of year is really nice, the scenery is always stunning; but you have time to appreciate it more when your not having to concentrate on dodging other boats. In most places moorings are plentiful, and there are very few queues at locks and lift bridges if you time things right your cruising can be very pleasant The last couple of days have been nice as we managed to see the sun twice the canal seems to get wider and deeper as you get to the end or maybe that’s just a psychological thing as I always think the plane gets quieter towards the end of a flight Maybe its just me??????

The whole few weeks Down on the Welsh Borders were great. OK the weather could have been better but I did need sun block on a couple of occasions and rust cure on the others, having Maryanne close for visits was nice we don’t see enough of them so its always good to just be close, and she was a great help with the car and just making things happen she is good at that I have no idea where she gets it from.??

We are now unsure what is happening next Noreen is away to see her dad tomorrow we have a passage booked to go down the Weaver on Sunday Noreen is then hoping to get back to her dads on Monday staying overnight as Shirley has a hospital appointment on Tues Then the following Monday Carol and Keith join us for a few days, there is also a IWA north west region regatta on the Weaver over that weekend that I may attend even if its only to say hello to a few friends such as Jim and Helen who were with us last year in Stourport

It was Thomas’s birthday on Monday, he told me that one of his presents was a Chinook helicopter like the ones I flew in, in the OLDEN DAYS, out of the mouths of babes,?

So here we are again moored outside another pub having just moored up before another thunderstorm I am as usual writing and Noreen is watching the Tennis on telle Bliss

Speak Soon

Big Al

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