Sunday, 13 May 2012

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Friday 11 May 2001

I know it sounds like I am always moaning but I just want to say what an horrific day we have had Its not a moan its just well lets call it news time like the TV and radio news they only tell you bad news at lease I will get around to some interesting news?
Today we set off from our overnight stop just before Wenbury for Elsmere a total of about ???? miles 10 locks 5 swing bridges and it took us almost 10 hrs that did include a pump out and taking on water it has been an horrific day 50/60 mph winds, the canal running at some incredible speed Its was like sailing against an Ebbing tide and rain that would freeze you to the marrow. The Lock by washes that look, sound and feel more like Niagara Falls than a simple canal overflow system. Any boater coming down the Llangollen in the next month take notice the by washes are treacherous. We also had to contend with the wind blowing one of the top box covers off, as the water is flowing so fast it meant I had to reverse after it hooking it out before it sank to a watery grave and fouled up some poor buggers prop. Then we had Some boaters who don’t know their ar-- from their elbow and think its such a spiving idea to moor next to a narrow bridge and have a picnic in the rain, or to pass on the wrong side at 10mph and of course the ever loving hire companies who moor their boats three abreast on one of the narrowest canals in the country and complain when you have to pass so close it pushes them off their mooring ( Come on Viking Boats get your act together )
But the most terrifying thing we had to deal with was a stow away, whilst I was re-enacting Moby Dick and fighting the elements and stay in control of this fair craft. Noreen was below screaming, as I could not leave my post I had to ride out the storm and await orders from below they soon arrived in the words of “SHIFT THAT BLOODY MOUSE!!!) Noreen had found a stowaway in the form of a little field mouse I was sent below to escort the little chap off the boat , a task I completed in double quick time. I managed to escort it as far as the cratch there I closed the doors and left it to either abandon ship or jump to another passing vessel, I have no idea which option it chose only to say its not there now (thankfully)
We are now moored quite save and content in Elsmere, Maryanne and Greg have been we have all had tea they have gone home and now are ready for bed. Tomorrow I have quite a job list to attend to as two things I forgot to mention is the TV aerial was blown down and broke and the stove door fire seal as come loose, just as well we are waiting here whilst Noreen visits her dad on Sunday and John and Kath catch up.

Sunday 13 May
Well yesterday was a much better day it stayed dry and the wind dropped we took this as an omen and made it a day for relaxing and a bit of shopping Noreen had a hair cut and we had a walk around the Mere all in al a very nice relaxing day.
Today Sunday, Maryanne has taken Noreen p to see Dad whilst there Noreen is bringing our car back here that way we will be organised ready to drive up to Northampton and the Crick Boat show at the end of the month. I have at last completed my job list fixed the gauge and filter on the loo, re-sealed the door on the fire, repaired all the ropes, rewired and soldered the TV aerial, replaced two fan belts (one broke yesterday and the other was looking very worn) Oh and I helped John fix his headlight. The wind is really strong again today. here in Ellsmere you have a junction that goes down the arm the arm is on a wide bend so it causes quite a wide turning BUT it a strong wind is also causes chaos why some boaters thing that you have to go as fast as you can to defeat the wind I have no idea whilst working on John boat we were very close to the action it was like watching a very early key stone cops where events were very predictable and one could see who was going to hit who in the end we started to have a sweep stake on it . It would have made much more sense if they had just looked at the weather conditions moored up and sat it out. nobody can be in that much of a rush, it would also have saved gallons on touch up paint according to the weather man the wind should ease tonight, lets hope so we are off to Lion Quays tommorow
Speak Soon
Big Al




Anice Perch caught  on the Shropshire link
(what about the hat)

Herby is following us

A view over one of the Meres from the Canal

Herby taking off to meet us later


Anonymous said...

Well what a fantastic read, your stories sure do make us laugh... great photos aswell... wishing you both a safe journey, And i'm sure you will have plenty adventures along the way, the halliwells x

Danny said...

Now thats a proper Perch!