Sunday, 18 December 2011


I just thought as I was running out of time for Christmas. So I thought I would have a good old Christmas Rant
This year its about shopping . Today I was talking to Matthew he complained about how everything has gone up in price, but you get nothing extra except commercial wrapping that you do not want.
Here is a test try buying Mince pies without fancy Christmas wrapping that must put a penny on every pie
The super market shelves are full of cream but You cannot buy cream without it having rum or some other festive ingredient added . And where has all the normal food gone all the shelves are full of Christmas crap everything to con you to part with hard earned cash . I find it insulting to my intelligence to read some of the ads. Plenty of Turkey advertised as the best Turkey for Christmas So! what happens to it the rest of the year? believe me Turkey is turkey whether you have it Christmas, Easter , Thanks Giving it matters not its the way its cooked that matters . I saw a washing Machine which said it uses Hydrothermal Technology
Right lets translate Hydro Greek for Water , Thermal again Greek for To Heat so the term Hydrothermal Technology ( I shall not insult you with the term for technology) but all it means is To heat Water, now I’m no technologist but I do know its very difficult to wash clothes without hot water ?? Would that encourage you to buy it . Or the Collins version is :
of hot water affecting Earth's crust: relating to, or produced by, the action of extremely hot water on the Earth's crust what has that to do with Wash day???????
And why are people leaving the supermarket with trolleys ready to sit out a siege . Noreen has to restrain me from shouting (For Gods sake they are only shut for two days) No matter how many come for Christmas you can’t possibly use that much food. And Now nearly every garage sells food 24/7 so why? .I want to know how families of 10 managed before supermarkets, fridges and freezers. I am not going to start (When I was a lad ) I realise we are in a different era But come on supermarkets and Merchandisers must think we are all stupid
Here are some of my stupid ads Look out for them and have a laugh non would entice me to buy or even look at twice:
Here are some adverts that really annoy me :

1. A Perfumed spray that lasts ninety days, which they claim is; one full season, However there are four seasons in a year 4x90 is 360 so what happens to the other 5 Days???? Of a normal year
2. Why would I want to know how many machines can fly? when advertising an airline I want to know what type of aircraft they fly. I do not want to fly by Lawn Mower, Washing Machine, or vacuum cleaner.
3. Now there is one that depicts a dancing bullock; dancing I may say to some bloody awful music which in its entirety looks like its covered in Chocolate
However to my great dismay its an ad for Gravy. What has a dancing Bullock looking as though is covered in chocolate to do with gravy

Except the spurious connection between the bullock and Beef
I have just spent two days trying to Score a joint of pork without using my hands, I failed.
But Morrison’s insist that their pork is only scored by hand . I can now assure everyone that there is NO other way ?????? So therefore no need to mention it.

I am not a Humbug and really love Christmas I just hate what the commercial world are doing to it
Lets bring back the excitement, the love , the Wonder of Giving and the sharing .

God Bless

Big Al

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life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Great post Al. How nice would it be to bring back the Christmas's of old... a net stocking with an apple, orange a coin, and one or two cherished presents! These days kids get totally stressed out unless they get the same or better presents than their mates, it's all about money and greed, quite sad. On a brighter note, here is wishing you and your's a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!