Tuesday, 23 September 2008

up date on the invalid

I have just returned from the hospital visiting "our kid" He is not a happy chappy, everyone are trying their best but he is suffering from physiotherapists that are physco, nurses that cannot get a line in and doctors who seem to be very elusive, also having a family in Hyde and being in hospital in Southport dose not help matters, all in all he is suffering hospital blues. The initial injury is coming along well and should have a 100% recovery from it, I think the problem is being in hospital.
Other than our kid being in hospital I have no other news from the canal, now that the autumn has arrived things are getting very quiet, most people here are getting the boats ready for the ravages of winter, making sure all bear metal is primed and painted, chimneys swept. hinges greased, winter can cause havoc to an unprotected boat.

It is very autumnal now down on the canal the mornings are very still with a slight mist on the water slowly clearing as the sun rises, evening are even now full of Swifts darting on the water collecting the last of the flying insects before heading off for the winter. As the evenings get colder we get the smell of wood fires being lit as people return from work, the moorings get a very ruralistic medieval feeling of a community settling down for the night, in a very odd way it is a very comforting feeling, It is a feeling that I have not felt since I was a lad in the middle of Manchester that tight knit community existed there were you felt comfortable and safe.

Enough of my ramblings

tight lines

The Marina at Night

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