Thursday, 18 October 2018



Well things on the waterfront are going along very smoothly, in fact too smoothly. We went to a Funeral last week there is nothing better than a funeral to bring you down to earth to bring us back to reality and our own vulnerability Carol was a dear friend and we cant afford to keep loosing them. the service was a very nice one not rushed, I go to quite a few these days and I am finding some are on a mission and are too rushed. personally I am never sad at funerals (except Children's)  most people have had a good life we all have to go we know that in most cases they have gone to a better place I believe that and it gives me a sense of peace. What you believe is up to you most people think I'm bonkers about a lot of things but I'm a happy bonkers.

At last I have completed all the items I am taking to the Christmas fare at Salford Cathedral raising funds our church, if I sell everything I should raise about £300 keep your fingers crossed. But now  I have time to do all the jobs I had promised people I would have done before the real bad weather sets in, I have even had time to do some serious fishing

I don't why its always me but I had to go and see my GP last week its a big practice so you never know who you are going to be faced with last week was Dr Poo now I know it sounds funny but with what I went to see him about made it even more hilarious I do have a sense of humour I almost choked trying not to laugh but I controlled myself as I am not that rude. I'm  just glad they have no GPs called  Funeral.

Other than the above everything is going on great, I am absolutely bored stiff Brexsic at first it was a bit of a laugh listening to the MP slagging each other off then the ridiculas ideas they came up with not just our MPs but the EU ones as well they are just scared we will just go and take all our money with us I find the whole thing extremely childish, if we in our jobs acted like that then we wouldn't last the week, and we all know that. the other thing that is really bugging me is Christmas advertising there is so much of it especially on Kids tv that by the time that Christmas comes around they will be so accustomed to it that there will be no surprises left. I have loads of other Grumpy Old Man Stuff
maybe I should just do a whole blog of it ????????? Some things that I am liking are The weather isn't it barmy, my Grandchildren all growing up so fast and beautiful. Our life style and how happy I am with it, The way I wake up every morning  (and not feeling surrounded by wood). and just how good life is. I know its not fare, its not Just, its not as what some people want but maybe they want to much.

I have added a few Pic

God Bless

06.30 Sun just rising I love that time of day you just know there is a God

Then you get this,  F9 wind boat getting tossed about like a cork in a bottle and you know there is a Devil

Serious Fishing 4lb Tench a beautiful fish caught off the boat
Not everyone can fish in their slippers


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