Monday, 9 July 2018

Black Country Museum

The Black Country Museum

We decided to call in to the black country museum which is turn right at the top of the Tipton.
Really heavy and this even with full power we were just moving we cracked on but now with the engine overheating and the weed getting thicker plus were  only about a mile away so I decided to call a halt to the weed cutting exercise and just moor up which is what we did. the following day we walked up to the Museum and had a great day its well worth a visit the chip shop is especially good cooking with lard and fresh cut chips even with temp of 28 they still tasted extremely good
The following day we were ready to set off to Wolverhampton a place I cannot say I enjoy. We needed some supplies so we went into town and I must admit I struggled as the place was full of screaming football fans. Sorry to football supporters  but I just don't get it Nobody wants England to win more that me but to go screaming through the street like that anybody would think they scored the bloody goal personally why get drunk because someone scored a bloody goal. the police were at it all night sirens screaming so called fans puking everywhere WHY can some fan of this stupid game explain it to me,
The next morning we decided to start early as the day was going to be another very hot one so at 06.30 we pushed off and hit the locks there are 21 in total we had a very good run and by 11.30 we were already moored up at Autherley Junction with the Wolverhampton flight of locks behind us, we join the Staffs and Woster canal a very pretty canal lots of twists and turns but as I said very beautiful I have always like this canal,
We are now moored up at Gailey on our way to Great Haywood where we rejoin the Trent and Mersey canal.
I have just had my best evenings fishing with a bag full of big Bream just a lucky evening

God Bless everyone  


No email then

Noreen found the Old Bakery

Now this is a SHOP I could spend all day in here

And of course the 1900 Chippy

Nice Bream 21.00hrs

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