Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What a Day


Well as the title says what a day, It all started quite normal with a  good 07.45 start a quick cruise to the first locks that are about a mile from the main section of the Hatten flight what normally happens is you hang around until another boat arrives then you go together as I said yesterday it saves water and lightens the load. as we arrived at the bottom lock we were caught up by a young guy who asked if he could go along with us, he also said he had never done locks before and he was single handed. Well I must admit Noreen and I were not excited about doing the flight with a rooky as they are hard enough with experience crew But everyone has to learn and as far as locks are concerned you couldn't get a better teacher than Noreen things went fairly well for the first lock but it was very slow I offered to butty the two boats and take them through leaving him free to do the locks with Noreen. This he declined as he wanted the experience which we both agreed he deeded on the forth lock out of 22 he decides to inform us he is only going to lock 5 Noreen took it in her stride I hit the roof and explained that he should have informed us of that fact at lock 1 then we could have waited for a boat going the whole way Now we have to do the rest all 18 of them on our own thereby wasting water and doubling our work load. Anyway we parted having taught him the etiquette of locking. now the first five took 75 mins making about 15min a lock the next 18 we averaged 9 min a lock  but at top lock there is a little cafe where we had to get lunch and a brew but we were very proud of ourselves Now we at a few miles further on watching  Holby City
We have also managed to get a birth in a marina whilst we go back home where we are needed. It just so happens to be the same boat yard that Noreen stayed at when I was in Hospital in Birmingham quite Bizzar really Buggerlugs always ends up there in a crisis However they are great people and have remained friends ever since Noreen's enforced stay I have course remember nothing about that stay the first 10 days I was in a comma you should try that best sleep I have ever had it should be given free on the NHS ???
All things considered we should be in there by Sat Morning

The horrifying view of the Hatten flight from half way point

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