Friday, 8 September 2017


Hi Everyone

Sorry for the absence but as you all know getting back after six months travel there is a lot to do

Just before we retuned to our Mooring we did a detour back into Liverpool where we spent a very good wind down time as from Liverpool its only a two day trip back to Rufford and as the Moorings in Liverpool have electric then it makes a seven day stay very easy and relaxing.
This time we were lucky as the round the yacht race was moored next to us in Albert dock they were due to leave on the sunday as we were leaving on the Friday so at 07.30 on the Friday we set off only to find that the lock between Albert Dock and the Liverpool  link had been opened which meant I had to wait hovering around these million £ boats in a very strong wind. I must admit we did cause some very anxious lucks having a 16ton metal boat getting within feet of these most Beautiful Yachts. However when the Barrier was lowered and we were allowed to sail on we did get some laps and comments of our helmsman. Though our Kieth who was with us thought we got a bit to close ?????
Now we are Back in in our home Mooring though on the way back we found a plastic chicken that had a dead engine who was fortunately for them was heading to our Marina as its all wide canal I suggested he tie along side and we go buttied up as they had just bought the boat the day before they had not a clue what I was talking about after some assurance that I could get them to Rufford we were off and as they had never done a lock the whole trip was going to be a big learning curve
Everything went well and within three hours we had them into their new mooring.
Anyway we are back Noreen has started back at work for the winter and I have started on the orders and commissions I have collected whilst out. so there we have it we are back in the old routine

I have just completed our Boat Log for this years cruise we completed the following:
623 miles made up of       : 76     narrow canal
                                            383   Broad canal
                                            118   Rivers
                                              46    Tidal Rivers
                                             278   Locks
                                             98     Movable Bridges(swing Bridges)
                                             16     Tunnels
I did not make a log of the diesel but hey who cares anyway.

It was a great trip with wonderful weather, meeting great People making new friends what else could you ask for and OF course we had our problems but Buggerlugs completed her task and got us back in one piece though I am now going to spend some time giving her some TLC (and repairs)

Great to be back among family and fiends.

A bit too close

Leaving the Three Graces behind and going home


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