Thursday, 4 February 2016

Catch up

Hi You Lot

Though we are still suffering from the wind and rain we have just got the tail end of storm Henry next it must be storm Impossible, anything stronger than Henry we will have to through the anchors out??
It seem that no matter what the weather the work keeps coming in though according to Noreen I do tend to make work. Last week I was cutting some logs when I noticed one piece part of a fork in the branch when sliced it seemed to have two eyes "being the two branch center's" the two eyes reminded me of an Owl as our great friend Julie loves the animals I make of scrap wood the quest was on to make the owl even though it took two days out of a busy period Maybe Noreen has a point.
It is only a few weeks now before we set off for Castleford I am keeping a weather eye out and joined the CRT notice board I now receive texts on stoppages and delays on the route I have chosen its a great service For those who replied I thank you I just hope that it was a blip and everybody is now receiving the blog.

Most life along the cut is getting back to normal but every time I say that  something else crops up and sends us backwards, I am now awaiting a few good days of dry weather for painting, I have everything for ready primed and sanded I just need a dry spell. one good thing this year as we are having Buggerlugs resprayed I do not have to spend time getting her ready it seems pointless as she is going to be shot blasted.
Today Buggerlugs has been turned into a commercial kitchen as tomorrow Noreen and I are Putting on a Fund Raising Dinner for our church, its amazing what you can do with a little bit of organisation all the prep is done starter is ready meats prepared and pudding ready all we have to do is get it there and finish off we hope to raise £400 not a lot I know but its the first one and we all have to start somewhere I hope this will give impetus to get the fund raising moving .

Last we week we had a great day visiting our friends Chis and Gerry on Overwater marina. just walking round to the boat we passed at least 6 boats we have had as neighbours in the past. The weather was awful so we did not go knocking however it was a great day there is nothing better than catching up with old friends Now Chris and Gerry are back on the cut we will no doubt see more of them

Keep smiling
God Bless

Mr Owl made from scrap wood 

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