Saturday, 20 June 2015

Visiting Leeds

Hi everyone
Well we arrived in Leeds last Wednesday in a gale force wind, this trip seems to have been dogged by high winds and I cannot describe a worse sailing condition, Great fun for a sailing boat but bloody hard work for a narrowboat. Mooring in Leeds are very scarce we intended to moor in Clarence Dock which is just below the Armouries each mooring has its own water and electric however in their infinite wisdom CRT have sold all but four of the mooring to long term mooring (people who want to live in the centre of town cheaply) unfortunately this seems to be the trend in major towns and cities genuine boaters who are cruising and  wish to visit are being overrun by these boats that never move and are used as cheep housing.
The four remaining moorings are only 48 hours which is no use to us so we are moored outside the Double Tree Hilton Hotel it’s a good mooring and we have been quite happy here.
Leeds is a fantastic city very cosmopolitan some great shopping areas and wonderful Victorian arcades plus a market that’s sells everything with a unbelievable array of stalls. Food stall selling produce from every corner of the world including Fish, Meats, Fruit and Vegetables all under one gigantic roof and an outdoor section it is well worth a visit.
John and Kath arrived yesterday so Monday we are all off to York I do believe we will have four boats travelling down to Castleford together there the flotilla will split half  turning to Port heading to york and the rest turning to Starboard heading for Goole down to Castleford should take a day and a half and York should take the same. So by Wednesday next week we should be in the marina, for all interested parties we have booked into a Marina near York  NABURN MARINA. Its about 5 miles outside York so we can sail in to York have a visit and sail back So Buggerlugs will be accepting guests for that period
Its two years since Buggerlugs was on the river today I had to get the drag anchor out of moth ball and get it ready with all the other paraphernalia for travelling on the tidal river.
Tomorrow being fathers –day we are celebrating with Mass in Leeds Cathedral followed by Breakfast in Weatherspoons with John and Kath HEY We know how to live it up in the fast  lane??

God Bless All


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