Tuesday, 9 September 2014

OK here we are again

Just to let you all know that the cardiac team at the Blackburn Royal have done a good job of re-plumbing my arteries; everything went well although I went in to have a 30min op to repair my old stent and finished up having a 2 hr procedure and an  extra two stents,  I think they had a BOGOF which is good for me I never get anything free. Having been discharged from Blackburn everything was great  until we returned to the boat I then developed some strong pain to cut it short and nit sound to much like Holby City, I spent another two days in Southport CCU who with great efficiency  sorted everything out my consultant called it Stent Stress the walls of the arteries were put under a lot of stress and just rebelled. Hey I’m here and feeling great.

So with the help of dear friends we managed to cadge a week on Anglesey as part of the recuperation programme, We had a fantastic week with Thomas, Maryanne and Steve stayed a few days, by the end of the week I was back to walking a mile along the beach, up hills and around the town NO pain I still get puffed if I run any distance so I have stopped nicking as I can’t get away lol. I have been working hard in the garden and my shed and today we had a great day in the lakes.
Why do some people struggle to get to an overcrowded airport, get pushed around like a flock of sheep fly off to some pack resort just to get a bit of sun When here in Britain we have some wonderful places, last week we had a day on a almost deserted beach, we played, fished, had lunch build sand castles, caught crabs all for free why are we missing out on the simple things in life.
So back to normal now taking up my duties as representative for the RBOA in this area, started collecting wood for next years walking sticks, another engine overall before the winter  draws in, you know the usual things around the boat.
And of course planning next years trip one we will be going on.
Look after yourselves
God Bless

            Big Al

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