Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Middle Levels

Middle levels

Lets start by explaining what the Middle Levels are : They are a mixture of old water courses, Ditches, and drainage channels. That act as flood defences for 700sq. km of fenland farm land some of the productive in the country.  As the Middle Levels has so many back waters, creeks, Flood sluices, Low bridges and shallow un-navigable water ways a recognized “link route has been formed joining the River Nene in the west to the River Ouse in the east
Strange as it may seem I really enjoyed the trip through, though at time youn thought you were on another planet the waterways range from a little ditch rambling through a quaint thatched housed village to a 100ft wide 15ft deep river banked by 8ft embankments the contrasts are amazing. With the contrast in the landscape comes the contrast in the nature today we have been entertained by every type of water foul and bird on the fens foxes, taking an early bath, rabbits just coming out and being nosey, that many people saying hello and waving at times I felt like a missionary
We were expecting the trip across the middle levels to take a few days longer than it really has 2 days in total so we are quite happy with the progress to date
We have now arrived at Slaters lock almost the end of the middle levels just a 10 mins away from Denver sluice were we join the mighty River Ouse We have to wait here now until tomorrow 13.30hrs for the tide, then off we go again.
Many people advised against the trip especially with a 60ft however some of the corners were a bit tight and the fact that it was so narrow in places but believe me the Middles Levels do not have the monopoly on tight bends and narrow stretches its all part of boating?? but! coming through the villages of Upwell and then Outwell this morning I understood why I was treating the trip with some trepidation; as we came very close to turning around and going back and if I could have found a place big enough maybe I would have. The ditch we were in was very shallow but if it had any more water in it ; it would not have been possible to get under the bridges, Our big problem now is we have to use the same route to return ???
But we made it and that’s all that matters, both Buggerlugs and Orion are safely moored up for the night
Next stop is That beautiful city of Ely ( Matthew’s Birth place) we hope to be there on Monday

May your God Bless and keep you


yes we came out the other unscathed

I am sure this was someones ditch at the bottom of the garden

Open expanse of some of the DITCH

Many years agoMatthew and I had three weeks fishing here 
When there was proper wind mills

so straight it became boreing

but lots of beautiful places

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Anonymous said...

Just Back from the Whitsundays,

Caught up to date with your blog
What a fantastic trip you're having!

Good Luck to both of you and all your fellow travelers

Heaps of Love from Downunda XX