Saturday, 4 August 2012


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Thomas our last guest of the summer has just left, We now have no guests and none on the books. Thomas is returning at the end of the month for another week of complete mayhem, its great having him on board he is a typical little lad his favourite words are Why, How, When, What if, he loves dirty hands, mucky wellies, and silly songs about falling on your Bum. I must be every mothers nightmare, teaching how to Hunt, Fish, shoot, make a fire, cook outdoors use a penknife and every other dangerous activity boys (and girls)just love. He can now check the battery level and start the engine to recharge them and, knows why and how it works. (something it took me years to grasp) He has tried to steer the boat but unfortunately is not yet quite tall enough to see over the top. Though he does know how. A foot note here must be that everything is done with the greatest of care and utmost safety, He is my grandson and I take as much care of him as I did with my own, They are still here to tell the tale (Maryanne would say only just) I see nothing wrong with teaching them about the world around them, Noreen teaches the cooking especially making biscuits they just love that, my two could swim, ride a bike, shoot , climb, abseil, cook out doors, knew how to care for and respect themselves and others before they were seven They could also think through a problem and come up with an answer maybe not the right one but never the less the answer would be theirs Many people tell me Both now are what is classed as nice honest people and if I can help bring Thomas up the same then I will consider life worth while. I hope Thomas enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed having him, things on Buggerlugs next week will be a lot quieter

Although the weather has been changeable we have had some really good days hot and sunny and some wet and windy but that’s what makes boating so exciting you never know the minute.

Where next? Not a clue we have a few phone calls to make to see if we can get a cancellation passage into Liverpool once we have that date then we can decide were next

Enjoy life

Be Good

Big Al



Anonymous said...

Looks like Thomas is having a great old time, sad we didn't get to spend more time with him ourselves.

We have glorious winter sun here with day temps of 23/24c but drops really cold when the sun goes down about 8c

Keep safe on the last leg of your summer tour,

With fond memories of Buggerlugs

X Downunda X

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Al, good to see you on the Shroppie today - You looked ever so chirpy and full of beans.

Take care.

Mick and Mags