Friday, 8 June 2012

Crick Boat Show

The Crick Boat Show

We Went, we Saw, we Conquered

All I have to say is what a fantastic weekend, prior to going to the show I always considered boaters to be, well lets just say bordering on the side of eccentricity. Now I am convinced; we shared the weekend with the insane, the eccentric, the pure crazy, and something I have never been called before Bohemian, I quite like that. We were actually called Bohemian I was proud of that accolade.,

Everyone we met were really nice people whether wanting a mooring, buying a boat, buying canal art or just chatting about boats and boating. I took two nice commissions and even if the marina have a 5% take up on inquiries then we will have done a great job. Working with Danny and Lorraine not forgetting Bracken their terrier Now I’m in trouble for forgetting what type of terrier though I will redeem myself by saying she is beautiful and fierce ready to take on anyone or anything, working with them was great they made the whole weekend very relaxed they are also very generous. The hotel was wonderful and Noreen managed to get a two hrs in the bath every night. Even though the weather was wet and changeable everyone there had a good time and if they didn’t that was their own fault the only thing we didn’t do because of the weather was attend the on site nightly shindig with bands and booze, maybe next year I will take my guitar and we will have are own concert. We exchanged some good banter with the other exhibiters and made some good friends, we will stay in contact with many of them the whole weekend was about meeting people and in today’s language “net working” I have learnt an awful lot about boats and about boaters ??? I am still wondering about the people who came into the show and when you ask them have you a boat? are you looking for a boat or a mooring? and the answer comes back No no boat not even interested in boats (so why have you just paid £12 each to come in) those people made up my pure crazy gang,

It was on the whole a typical Hodginson weekend, the Car developed a very bad knocking on the nearside front wheel, The camera got wet and is now very sick, the sat nav gave up and the lap top was again hit by a bug But I can now report after being back here for just one day the car is back on the road, Gregg has repaired the lap top, Maryanne has loaned us another camera. And the sat nav is almost working it talks but refuses to give us a map. And anyway we are on the bloody canal no need for a sat mav here

Tomorrow we leave the Montgomery maybe stay in Ellesmere over the weekend the weather looks rough so we will find a safe haven after getting up the locks.

Speak soon

Big Al

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