Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hi Folks

The last couple of days have been great. Starting Monday we headed back to Ellesmere, with calm waters and glorious sunshine we had a good sail. We arrived at Ellesmere only to find the place in utter chaos the arm was full, there were boats trying to get in, and boats trying to get out with the resulting chaos of a supermarket dash, not everyone can turn a 60ft boat around whilst dodging boats from left and right and staying calm among some very irate boaters. We decided to take refuge on the water point thus avoiding the carnage, both our water tanks were empty so we knew we had 45mins to spare in which time we assumed that the chaos would have subsided. In the time it took the tanks to fill Noreen had gone down the arm and secured two moorings no one had the courage to argue with such a voice of authority anyway we were soon moored in a nice spot and settling down to tea
Maryanne and Gregg came over for tea and also brought the car so there we were good mooring good food good company and the car Luxury Pure bloody Luxury
Tues we all jump in the car and shot off to Shrewsbury were we had a great day around the Abbey, Castle great walk along the river and then the time. The African sun couldn’t do the Australian sun couldn’t do it but yesterday the sun here did I actually got burnt I know most of you think that my skin is that thick nothing could penetrate it ?????????
Today it was the turn of Eddrig a 18c house and gardens it also was really good the weather was great and the grounds beautiful and a very nice day was had by all.
Tomorrow we are off up to the Montgomery were we will be for the next two weeks except for the diversion to the Crick Boat show over the for the coming bank holiday
After that who knows were we will be stay tuned

Big Al

River Seven Walk

The Dingle

Shrewsbury Castle

Look at the railway out

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Anonymous said...

So glad the weather has been kind to you
the places you've been to sound wonderful.

Hope all of this continues

Thinking of you both

Downunda xx