Thursday, 4 June 2009

Market Drayton

River Severn Shrewsbury

Our first FREE buz tickets

Market Drayton is the town that God forgot, I can see in its past it would have been a lovely little town but as with lots of these little market towns the heart has been ripped out of it lots of shops are empty and it looks very shabby it is very sad that we are allowing these lovely towns to disappear I think I will start a campaign to save them. Today we for the first time we used our bus passes or as most of will say our buz passes, we took the buz to Shrewsbury that's a lovely town sitting almost on the border of England and Wales it has a C of E Cathedral a Abby and a Catholic Cathedral so we had a great day browsing.
Noreen is away this weekend on a girlie weekend with Silvia, Marjory and Maurine. I am having Alan stay with me (Silvia's Husband) so hopefully Alan and I will get a few miles done and a few beers downed.
Its been very quiet the last few days so we have been able to catch up with domestic and admin tasks, you can get into the routine of thinking that you are permanently one holiday but there are still the usual domestic and admin jobs to do. Its all done now we have even booked our flights to Australia depart 9 November away for the winter months back in time to clean the boat and start next years jaunt.

Keep Smiling

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