Monday, 11 May 2009

So far So Good

Hi Everyone
Well we have been out now three weeks it feels like a year, We have actually made the Llangolan canal in fact we are at Ellsmere (not Ellsmere Port Ellsmere in Shropshire) We have covered 105 miles though we were moored 4 days in Stretford, 3 days at the Salt works, and 2 days at Marbury, 9 days off the 21 = 12 105 over 12 = 8.75 miles a day which seems to suit our pace of live.
Along the way we have visited some great places, the Anderton Boat lift, Barton Aqueduct, Hurleston flight, Country Fairs,The lovely rolling Cheshire country side, the slowly rolling hills, the lovely Mere's along the canal, the fantastic cooling woods gathered on each side of the canal blanketed with bluebells making the air so heavy with there unmistakable scent. the wild life is so wonderful you seem to creep up on it and you never know what is around the corner
The Locks that have gates so narrow that the boat only just gets in, and once in you feel like a sardine.
The river Weaver was great fun its a lot more beautiful that I ever imagined we will be back to spend a week on the river next year. The lovely little towns of Northwich, Middlewich, Nantwitch.Wrenbury ,Whitchurch. Also of course there are the people you meet everything you here about the canal life is true everyone is so friendly and helpful and far more easy to talk to. the name Buggerlugs is always a topic of conversation and very amusing to so many people.
The weather has been very good so far, we have had trouble with the wind , boaters hate the it makes the boat almost unmanageable it is to be very windy tomorrow so we are staying here in this mooring at Ellsmere.
In conclusion so far so good it is all we expected and more

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