Monday, 25 May 2009

May bank Holiday

Thomas with a better mode of transport

The lift Bridge

All together

May bank holiday at Whitchurch

We decided to lay up for the bank holiday weekend which we now know was a good idea. We managed to get a good mooring only 20 mins walk from the centre of town

Saturday Noreen and explored the delights of the town it is a typical market town with lots of charm, we found direction that would guide our visitors to our mooring and found a nice little church for Mass.
Sunday Mat Lorraine and Thomas arrived what a day we were all burnt to a crisp the hottest day so far we had a nature ramble a play in the park and a bit of fishing, a great day. Monday Viki Rus and Elliot arrived another great day we even missed to showers
On the whole a great weekend, we have Elliot with us now until Friday we have just set some rabbit snares so you can see what kind of a week we are in for.

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