Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Up Date


It would seem that every time I write this blog it is either Visitors or Fishing but maybe that's all that happens, I could tell you that we are busy getting Buggerlugs ready for the spring cruise, she needs the hull painting, the upper structure requires a touching up, she needs oiling, greasing, waxing, we need to get another loo, a top box for storage, a drag anchor for the rivers,

I need to fit a few extra bit and bobs (that's a nautical term for boys toys) then she will be ready.

Anyway we had visitors today only six so it was a quiet day we entertained Viki, Julie, Russel, Rachael, Elliot and Matthew great day was had by all Julie though went home to bed because the boat wears her out???? Russ however has got the bug and is desperate to catch a Pike he dropped two today but I am sure it will not be long before he has his picture on here holding a big one??

Elliot and Rach tested our new two way radios and gave the a good run they went to the cafe and radioed back what type of ice cream we wanted good idea or what.

Rach is becoming a good angler though she needs to understand that if the float goes under it normally means a fish has attached itself to the hook the picture shows her overcoming her fear and touching a fish (in the bucket)

OK all speak soon

Capt Big Al

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Maryanne said...

hi, beautiful photos
sorry to say that we wont be making a visit with Mark on tuesday! he has to stay in London for a meeting, but by the sounds of things you have been busy with visitors as it is. Miss you both love you

Maryanne and Gregg