Sunday, 14 September 2008

My Mate Herby

Though things here are very quiet and we are not traveling around there are still things of consequence going on, like the arrival of my new mate Herby, now Herby is not another boater or a neighbour he is a Heron, just an ordinary common Heron.

Now Herby comes to see me most mornings just for a chat and maybe a small piece of biscuit ( not like his other friends the Ducks who through no fault of their own, maybe it is there upbringing they are greedy and rather rood) Herby is quiet, calm never rushes and is never rood. he has never admitted his age but I put him around 18 months , he says he is not yet attached and is in no rush to do so; but I reckon being such a good looking lad it will not be long before he is bringing a young lady home. As you can see by the photo he enjoys looking at himself in the window and can sometimes become quite angry that another heron is in his spot. So far I have seen him take frogs, a newt and some very small fish as I said he is not greedy or rood.

I will keep you inform of his visits and hope in the spring he brings his young lady to see us.

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maryanne said...

Dad i am loving the blog, it keeps me.......and the rest of girls at work very amused during our breaks. I have even shown some of the students (using the projector) and they are extremely impressed. Although i do have one students who thinks that you live with, ducks. herons, uncle keith, elliot, matthew, thomas, paramedics x 2 and mum......he wants to know where they all sleep!!!