Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In praise of the ambulance Service

Firstly I know that everyone is anxiously awaiting new of the fishing competition but unfortunately I am going to have to disappoint you all, It has had to be cancelled. AWE!!!!!

Keith arrived yesterday, we had a bit of lunch then sat in the cratch (thats the front covered bit of the boat) discussing the forthcoming tournament, as it was raining we took a leisurely time over it
Keith then decided to get some of his gear ready for the start. to the rear of the boat there are two steps into the engine room, when stepping out Keith was stood on the top one but imagined he was on the bottom (now come on we have all done it) unfortunately for our kid the fall he took conspired in him receiving a broken leg. As he took a spectacular dive we both heard the leg break it was awful but worse was to come.
Keith managed to fall between the outer bulk head and the bed this is a gap of 18 inches max.
I managed to get him into a position were there was slightly more room but not knowing the extent of the injury I left the bugger were he was. The ambulance arrived in minutes and soon confirmed a break. Now the fun started poor Keith was soon pumped with morphine and was feeling quite merry even though still in terrific pain, Because of the constricted space only one medic at a time could work on Keith I was subjected to giving the other one a guided tour of the boat and discussing the eventual extraction of him from the boat. the extraction was going to be very difficult no one present had ever done it or even trained of it. I will not dwell to much on the antics that took place Jenny the medic had to keep climbing over our kid which to put it mildly was interesting Jenny was a star a really comedian. needless to say we managed to get him off the boat 2 hours it took.
Anyway he is now in Southport Hospital he has broken his femur 2 inches below the hip socket hopefully he will have his op today, they will insert a rod into the femur and pin it.

I must say the through all this Keith remained calm and philosophical only upset that the competition has to be canceled, there was a bit of swearing when the medics had to set the leg in the splint but Jenny swore back like a trooper, as I said she was great both medics were, I do not believe we give them enough praise, even when we were in A&E the medics came three time to see how he was getting on.

God give you a quick recover our kid

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mathew said...

woops !!!
what a shame I feel for my uncle kieth
But I did warn you mate there was no way my dad(Alan)was going to going to loose that fishing comp are you sure you didn't feel a little push befor the fall