Monday, 4 July 2022

 Hi Everyone 

     Well we made it into Liverpool. The last leg from Litherland is now part of our tradition its a no rush day so we start with a full English in Tesco move out about ten then its a cautious cruise through Bootle though these days the kids are board with throwing stones at passing boats   The last leg is normally the easiest unless you have hail and a 25mph Blowing and swirling wind then it becomes "uncomfortable BUT thats  boating and we were along for the ride. its only a 2 hour sail from Litherland to Stanley lock This lock connects the canal to Liverpool docks system. Here you meet the volunteers who take you down the first flight and then on you are on your own to Salthouse Dock. As we have done this trip a few times before and know most of the work force and volunteers its like a little reunion. They all warned us of the problems with the wind and the fact that they almost lost a wide beam coming out this morning so I had be extremely careful. another boat was  going down with us called Leo a 54ft Narrow, as they had never done the run before so it suggested that I lead ( not my suggestion ) everything was going well through the first stage though by the time we hit Princess Dock the wind had really kicked up. the big problem is when you cross the open water through Albert Dock and the Salthouse this is only awkward because you have couple of hundred people watching your every move However we gave the Gongoozlers (look that word up)  something to remember as we crabbed our boats across two locks and one bridge GREAT FUN and people ask why do I go boating its boring ? anyway we are here now moored up 5 mins from Liverpool One and settled in for the week

They dont show you days like today  on the TV canal Programmes 

God Bless 

Safely moored in Salthouse Dock

Top Stanley  lock looking towards The Tobaco Warehouse 
Biggest brick build building in the world 

Litherland mooring  
No matter how humble its still home 

Saturday, 2 July 2022


Very quiet day today, as  It rained very heavy all night so as you can imagine the state of the tow path this morning is very damp  still we were sailing not walking to our next location whitch was Tesco in Litherland its only about 2 and a half hours away however these mooring at Tescos are the last safe moorings before you get into the so from here there is no stopping before you reach Stanley top lock thats takes you onto the Liverpool link through t bandit country of Bootle, These moorings are gated and you are on the opposite bank to the tow path the only problem I could see was the amount of boats you can squeeze in which on average is 7 and you have to get there early as all the boats going into Liverpool and all those coming out use it as a safe mooring We were lucky and got the last proper mooring now we have boats buttied up (along side Each other0 But it makes for a cosy evening. From Aintree to Litherland you would be amazed just how much green space there is Liverpool / Sefton council have done a good job of retaining and keeping clean green  spaces .

So we are booked in to go down into Liverpool on Monday Tomorrow we will fill Buggerlugs with another weeks rations and gin. Priorities you must get your Priorities right 

Caught this Heron having a little sleep 

One of Noreens swing Bridges its only a small one 
she likes the little ones they dont have crazy drivers  

Friday, 1 July 2022

 Good Afternoon 

Strange day today and one of the hardest as we had to go through Magul which entails 8 swing bridges Now Noreen refuses to take the boat through a swing bridge or into a lock everything else she can and will do very well, So this means Noreen opens the swing bridges and locks I must state here so all the feminists don't come hunting for blood.  it is Noreens choice..The day  started well with a late start 08.55 a very leisurely  cruise ahead clear blue sky and a light breeze. The first lock was over and done with in less that 6 min second swing bridge in sight Noreen had started the bridge operation I saw two cars jump the flashing lights and the siren but the third didn't make as the barriers came down in front  and behind Now here comes the dilemma are you a Noreen type Christian or a Alan type who believes the for every action there is a reaction , luckily for this driver she got the Noreen type who stopped the operation reversed it and re-opened the bridge  and let her and her off and not a thankyou to be seen. Now the Alan type would have carried on with the operation and had the car hanging over the water whilst I took the Buggerlugs through only inches from the car Bonnet. that driver will NOW go away knowing that she can try that again The Alan way would have her drive miles to avoid canal swing bridges "For every action there is a reaction "   But the amazing thing is when Noreen re-opened the bridge two other cars did the same by jumping the lights. all I can say is Magul is a satellite of Liverpool  and maybe I'm a not a good Christian ?? just a practical one 

The rest of the journey was quite uneventful I found a old friend from years ago we were sailing in opposite directions so only really had time to swap emails and promise to contact. 

We were moored up by 12.15 after doing the usual checks around the boat I thought I could smell diesel,  After searching I eventually found a possible leak ob the filter anyway I think I have stopped it we will know tomorrow when we stop again 

We are now moored in a nice little spot very quiet we have tv and  internet  I say that because we do not always get both. We are opposite a stud as we are only a couple of miles away from Aintree there are some beautiful horses in the paddocks with a wonderful aroma it is what I describe as a powerful country fragrance thankfully its quite breezy and the aroma is only spasmodic and not offensive I wonder is Posh horse S--- is different to Poor horse sh--  

God Bless 

Stay Safe 

Sorry no pics today I am angry with myself not to get one of the stranded car 



Thursday, 30 June 2022


                                    Buggerlugs First day out 


Have you ever had one of those days you thought you should have stayed in bed?

Everything was planned even a start and finish time had been agreed, as we went though the first 7 locks with another boat off the Marina though he was only going as far as Scarisbrick

First mistake was forgetting two boat hooks we will collect on the way back, The pump out did not go according to plan as the pump was very temperamental and refused to pump but after some a little persuasion with a Manchester screw Driver (Big Hammer) I got it working BUT at 10.10 we pulled out of the Marina only 10mins behind time, and as we were doing it together it was a very easy trip ok it rained a little but hey my skin is water proof

It was great to be moving again the sun came out the boat was running smooth and all was well with the world, For a first day I am very pleased We have covered some ground and deserve a celebration so I have pulled in at the Saracens Head and we will spend the night in there swapping boat stories with other boaters together with a few Gins and dinner Not a bad life ???

even though it rained a little tomorrow I must put some sun cream on I am burnt to a crisp

its now only 16.30 and time to get ready for a night out (we always dress for dinner ) Sorry to say no one fell in and no major incidents in fact quite boring BUT a lovely day

A few pics for your album

God Bless Stay Safe


this is our overnight stop the sculpture depicts the Digging of the first sod of the Leeds and liverpool Canal Though there is another plaque 3 miles further up the canal in a village called Halsal  that says it was there? Who cares at least it is celebrated and homage paid to the thousands of Navvies 
Leaving Rufford Behind looking towards Parbold hill

 Everyone comes out to see Buggerlugs pass by 

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Off we go clear Water Ahead


Well thats Christmas and new year behind us and I can now concentrate on boating I have been painting all the panels for a Boat mans cabin 14 in all thats now finished I am busy collecting jobs for the summer I have a milk churn to paint but other than that I will have to drum up some customers. 

We have been working on where we should go for our cruise this cruise but as we have been on every canal and navigable river on the system its difficult. We have decided that Birmingham sound good we can get to see the Commonwealth Games I had thought of doing the Trent south to north thats always a good run or just go and laze about on the Weaver thats very relaxing OR we could do the lot we have the from April until Sept If we do the Weaver we are near the grand kids as a day out but we would leave that for the school hols. Lets hope that Covid has calmed down though cruising on the boat you see a lot of people but dont come into contact  with them 

Now that the days are getting longer people are busy so I will start writing a weekly Blog 

God Bless Stay Safe

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Out with the Old in with the New

 Happy Christmas to all 

We are now in that awful intrim period between Christmas and New Year everyone is a bit lethargic eaten to much Drank to much and generally knackered 

We had a good one it started with a few boaters round to sing Christmas Carols (corvid safe everyone had their booster it was out doors. We sing along with Radio Lancashire they do it every year its on the radio in the evening for an hour the radio provides the commentary  and the music we provide mulled Wine and mince pies very pleasant evening. with all the boats decorated and the lights sparkling on the water very nice. We only has one minor set back our eldest grandson came for Christmas lunch But when his parents got him home he tested Poss so we all had to start the rigmerole of testing Noreen and I have now had three days of Neg so tomorrow we are having all the little grandchildren which will be wonderful occasion. 

These days I am not a fan of New Year Im no hum bug its just not the same anymore, at mid night we all sound our horns and drink a toast with our neighbours but that will be the limit of our excitement. We are hoping that the good  Lord will let 2022  be a easier on the NHS and this wonderful country we call home and not us us share any more of it 

I have a good year on paintings and crafts with the lock downs I have been able to get loads of work done I have done all the painting for a Boatmans cabin 17 in total I think though I still have to do exterior door panels that was a really big project.  I also managed to get some old Scots Pine Cones these had never opened and died on the tree as the tree died amazing items I made them into Hedgehogs for Christmas 

Looking back on 2021 it wasnt that bad we managed a cruise though a short one all our immediate family have survived Covid, Though we have said good -by  to quite a few of our dear friends However  in retrospect I have had years where I had lost more good friends and under more tragic circumstances, So Im sitting back and counting the positives of 2021. Those who WANT to take something positive out of 2021 can look at the way the majority of the population have become more Tolerant, Socially aware, understanding and fame and fortune will not protect you from the Reaper knocking on your door so is the pressure of getting it worth the trouble ?

Enough! now  I an going to start planning next year i know that as soon as I get a plan the whole thing will change but hey at least I will have one to alter Also I will have something to look forward to and if we do have to change the plan we will start to look forward to plan B or C or D what ever it is it will be new horizons for us all 

Be Good Be safe keep smiling take the blessing as they come with good grace and the tragedies as the fall with the same good grace  

Just a few of the boat mans cabin

I managed to make 120 of these sorry all gone 

Multi occupancy bird nester all room are separate 
No on suit  

It now looks very bright 

Thursday, 23 September 2021

 Hi Everyone 

Lets face it Winters on its way , everyday here more geese are flying off to their winter roosts the tree's are changing colour and shredding their foliage, nights are closing in  And we are having a jetty /mooring make over. the original mooring was just about done for. Whilst we were away Barry our next door neighbour actually fell through his, it made a right mess of his leg.  Anyway ours is now well underway and looking very smart. We have had to vacate the mooring whilst the makeover was in progress only 20 yards away but it does feel odd, its like living in your neighbours house watching people work on yours, very strange. All being well I will put Buggerlugs back in her rightful place tomorrow and then I have the awful task of sorting out the jetty and tidying up I think it will take a few trips to the tip because not only have we had the jetty revamped we have made the mooring bigger (by magic ) 

On the whole everything is looking good and we are still enjoying the life style, we are lucky we can ignore all the miserable buggers that constantly moan about the cost of boating and the hard work looking after a boat I tell them its simple if you are not happy SOD OFF and go back on land and take your miserable attitude with you. People don't expect that reply and apparently I have upset some people? But I stand by it if your not happy move you cannot go through life being miserable its to short.

As the Covid restrictions are still relaxed Buggerlugs is open for visits afternoon tea is a specialty and the fishing is good 

God Bless Stay safe  

New decking down. Its a reformed material strong and non slip it makes the Jetty look bigger ??